Kodiak is located on an island South of Anchorage. Access is only by ferry or airline. Kodiak has a great website packed full of info and photos. Go to Kodiak.org. Summer 2001 we went on an awesome ATV Guided Flyfishing trip.


Jeff, A/K/A uni-bomber with
Fat silver Salmon


Kodiak is known for its prolific, GIANT, salmon fed, brown (grizzly) bears. Bears are now often seen from the road system, but we weren't lucky enough to spot any on our Sept. 2000 trip.


John with even fatter silver,
15 lbs.

This house is not a B&B, we only share it with our invited guests. In other words it's all ours. We eat a wonderful meal every night, Leg of Lamb, Grilled Salmon fillets, good shit. We have the house starting Sept. 20 and leaving on the 25th. Space is limited and we're looking for a financial commitment for anyone who wants to go. Presently the house has three bedrooms. We're being told that there will be a major addition completed by the time we arrive with additional room. Airfare to Anchorage is via Continental on a buddy pass. The cost is approximately $150.00. The seat is not guaranteed, but by the time of the year we go the flights have lightened up. The fare to Kodiak and back is a guaranteed ticket on Alaska Airlines $211.00. The house is $70 a night per person. The fishing license is approximately $50. Shared car about $125 per person.

150.00 To Anchorage and back
211.00 Anchorage to Kodiak and back
350.00 Cost for House
125.00 car
50.00 fishing license
886.00 approx. total

The silver Salmon are fat. We caught up to 18 lb. last year. Sometimes it's hard to keep your lure in the water because it kept bouncing off the backs of all the fish. Free ranging Buffalo and horses hang out in the front and back yard. I have a 20 minute edited video of our last trip.