Packing & Equipment

The following are not optional, all are available in Alaska, but the more you assemble before, the better off for all of us, we may take off for the back country the night you arrive. Cotton is NOT a good fabric for AK conditions, it retains moisture and in a bad situation will help to bring on hypothermia much faster. Bring extras of all Clothing. WE REQUEST EVERYONE ONBOARD OUR BOAT TO BRING A FULL APPROPRIATE CHANGE OF CLOTHES ALONG IN CASE THEY FALL IN THE WATER. Bring extra clothing where ever able, things will get wet.

We have multiples of some of these things in our stock. If you don't already own something needed contact us to see if we have extra in your size before you buy it. (Waders, rain gear, rubber boots, etc.)

Leatherman Tool if you have one already
Hip Waders, we have some extra, check with us
Rubber Knee Boots A must for the boat
Polarized Sunglasses available at Wal-mart fishing section for under $10.00. These are a necessity for seeing fish underwater. Without, you will not catch as many fish.
Full rain suit, Gore-tex is best, spend some money here if you can afford
Large hard sided 50 Qt. cooler(s) to ship fish home OR you can buy an insulated box in AK
Rough wool hunting gloves or similiar (preferably with rubber grips) and/or Fleece Gloves
Safety glasses or very light sunglasses-necessary for dark or rainy days to keep a fellow fisherman from hooking your eyeball. (It happens every year on one of the rivers we fish)
Wool or SmartWool Style Socks to wear with waders
Fleece Pullovers and/or Jackets
Fleece Pants
Waterproof insulated Jacket
Stocking Hat
Hat (important to protect you from flying hooks, I like brim all the way around.)

Optional items recommended:

Hiking Boots
Filet Knife (if you have a FAVORITE one, otherwise we have it covered)
Video Camera
Neoprene Insulated Chest Waders or Gore-Tex Waders Great in the raft Felt bottomed Boots are illegal
Wader Belt - So you don't drown when you fall in a swift river
Wicking Shirts- Base Layer- long and short sleeve- (coolmax, etc.)