Philosophy on Guests

Friends and Family you are welcome to visit us at our "mansion" in Alaska. Some of our best trips have been introducing people to the beauty "and bounty" of the "Great State." With that said here is our general philosophy for the summer.

Our favorite thing to do in Alaska, is to use our fishing licenses.

  • This may be off-shore catching Halibut
  • Standing in a river up to our knees in water fishing for Salmon.
  • Digging thru rocks to find little neck and butter clams.

If you stick with us you will be sore and tired (maybe hung over) at the end of almost EVERY day.

We can certainly make wonderful suggestions and there are a multitude of sightseeing opportunities available. Sterling, AK is a great fishing base, but not a good tourist destination. If you prefer more of a sightseeing trip, you are welcome to stay with us as you explore other areas.

In the summer we do our "fishing thing" and will include anyone who comes to visit that there is room for.

  • Our attitude toward boat space is, whoever committs to their vacation with us in Alaska first has first dibbs at seats on the boat.
  • Because of the fast pace and (sometimes) late nights, spending every moment of sunlight awake, we do not recommend bringing kids under the age of 12. (Adults acting like kids will be tolerated.)
  • Please use the calendars provided in this website to plan your time in Sterling to coincide with a time that we will be in town. MANY more dates will be added for the next month at the end of the preceding month.
  • Our only limiting number in guests at any one time are bed spaces and then tents (if necessary.)
  • Our preference is that you rent your own vehicle in Anchorage.
  • We will provide non-rev passes for people coming to visit us. We DON'T recommend their use if possible. Numbers are limited.

That's about it, if we scared you off, better now then when you arrive. If you're now excited to get here, we can't wait to see you.  If you have any questions E-mail us at

Tight Lines,

John & Shanna